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Valley Cat is a live music venue & creative hub in Winchester, Virginia.

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Valley Kitten w/Mike Frazier

This is an event for parents (and grandparents!) with young children! The music & activities will be catered to babies and kids under 5, but all kittens welcome. Live music will include sing along favorites and classical tunes, performed by local musicians. Free play with children's instruments (Melisa & Doug band-in-a-box, etc.) will follow the show! 

It's $4 for kids to attend (caretakers are free!), which helps us pay the musicians who are performing. We hope to make this a regular event!

Chris and Emily have a 10 month old and are always looking for ways to show their handsome little guy a good time.

We are a breastfeeding friendly establishment - Momma Cat wouldn't have it any other way!