Valley Cat

Live Music & Recording Studio

Valley Cat is a live music venue & creative hub in Winchester, Virginia.


Valley Cat is the creative hub in Winchester, Virginia. We host live music & events multiple nights every week, have a full-featured recording studio and so much more. Come by and see what we're all about!

Indie Rock in Winchester, where have you been the last 5 years??? This place is great!
— Kayla //
We drove 4 hours from NJ and Chris was super nice and accommodating for us. The show we played was incredible and the crowd was awesome! The live session was top-quality and super professional. I couldn’t recommend Valley Cat more.
— Dan C. // The Company Kept
Valley Cat is an up and coming venue in Winchester, VA and it’s well on it’s way to creating a wonderfully positive environment, and hub for the musicians nearly all along the east coast. There is never a lack in talent from the musicians, and the support from local musical enthusiasts is abundant. Valley Cat, along with the owner Chris are an essential part of the local musical scene and are on their way to building the musical community one amazing show at a time!
— Zack // Toad Head
I wanna thank Chris & the valley cat crew for allowing us to put on this show. Living in a town where being creative & doing something “out of the ordinary” or “out of the box” in the eyes of many people isn’t an easy thing to accomplish let alone try to execute. But Chris & his team welcomes us with open arms & we had a hell of a show. I appreciate any & everyone involved in the show last night. from the venue crew, to the fans, thank you all.
— Crizz //
Best place to go to a show. The bands that play at Valley Cat are always amazing. The owner is a great guy and he really runs a great business. If you haven’t gone here, you’re really missing out. If your band hasn’t played here, they should.
Really Valley Cat speaks for itself. Go to a show and you won’t be disappointed.
— Elli
Our first experience at Valley Cat was a breath of fresh air. The staff at Valley Cat including the owner Chris were immensely accommodating, in fact an integral part of our success for our first live appearance in Winchester, VA. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with an amazing energy and sense of welcomeness. We recommend you check em out and be apart of “the evolution of the cat”!
— Toad Head
This is a really cool place. Intimate setting, no divide between performer and audience, really nice owner, a great atmosphere. MBD is definitely coming back.
— Caleb from Morning Banana Diet
Valley Cat is a fantastic venue, especially in their new location. They double as a great recording studio as well
— Zach // MBD